Textile Samples

Different kinds of samples: books, catalogues, hangers...

Mostratex 2000 makes textile samples what contain all the textile articles of our customers, always in order to improve the design of your brand and in order to sell much better your products in the textile market of curtains, tapestry, and any textile in general, etc.

Libro de anillas


Our expert team designs the textile articles in different kinds of samples: as a book, as a catalogue, as a hanger, etc. All of them in diverse styles and sizes, etc.

Banderas y lomeras


Catálogos textiles en Badalona

We also have all kind of accessories (hangers, screws, rivets, reinforcements, textile labels,... ) to complete the style and the image of the textile samples.




Mostratex 2000 would like you contact with us without any doubt and we make an excellent budget according to your needs in each moment. We look forward to hearing from you.


Díptico con muestras


Tapa Sati